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Friday, 24 October 2014


Who you choose to install your window film is as important as choosing the right film for your specific needs. Whether you need sun protection for your home or business, or the most advanced security film to help protect your home and family from the devastation of severe weather and crime, you can trust the experts at Solar Tech Glass Tinting.

Quality & Experience

Solar Tech only offers 3M Window Film, not by default but by choice.Solar Tech Glass Tinting is a family owned business that has been providing solutions for residential and commercial customers in the Mid-South since 1976, including West Tennessee, North Mississippi, East Arkansas, and the Memphis Metro Area. We are known in the community for being the best and selling the best. We will not deviate off quality.
What our experience means to you

Trust Solar Tech Glass TintingOur experience brings peace of mind because you’re dealing with a company driven more by correct product selection and after-the-sale quality assurance concerns than by a simple desire to make the next sale. Specifically, you can expect that we listen and give straight answers, while paying attention to detail and respect of your property.

Three Good Reasons to Call Solar Tech Glass Tinting

  1. We invest in knowledge. 3M Window Films often have unique installation requirements. We invest heavily in continuing education and employ factory trained installation technicians whose only job is installing high technology window films. Pam Weakley, Owner, is IWFA certified in solar control specialist. Please visit the IWFA web site to learn even more about window films and why you should use a company that has a “Solar Control Specialty”. All employees are professional trained and respectful of your home, property and privacy. Most of our employee’s have greater than 14 years of employment with us.
  2. Our financial strength protects you. Window film installation is not a regulated field, so your film installer may not carry adequate insurance. Any problems that arise can actually result in you paying twice if the film installer you choose is uninsured or underinsured. Solar Tech is fully insured for even the largest commercial projects: We have the resources to deal with unexpected problems.
  3. We will be there when you need us. Most window film installation companies are small and they work out of a home or the back of a truck. The owner typically sells and personally installs the film. As a practical matter, you may experience installation delays; especially during periods of extreme weather. Leaving messages on cellular phones and awaiting long delays for your return call is also a problem. We have a large operations department focused exclusively upon getting your job installed, and a customer service team to handle any questions or warranty claims. We guarantee returned phone calls. We invite you to visit our office. Here you can see, feel, and experience the window films difference.refer_solar_tech_glass_tinting.jpg


Watch out for the window blind companies that tell you they also sell film. Beware. What you get is a 3rd party often out-of-state company. No assurance that your film is 3M. No assurance that it is installed by a certified 3M installer. Also, and most importantly, what you get are cost driven prices rather than value. Why pay commissions to 3 different parties. Get direct pricing and be assured your film is installed and backed by the area's best 3M Authorized Window Film Dealer, Prestige Dealer Network.